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Cfjomas lie Brantgngfjam,


(A.D. 1370—1394).








1 901.

















Preface ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ix.

Miscki.laneous Entries (commencement of the " Regi strum

Commune ") ... ... ... ... ... ... 3

The Register of Institutions, etc., to Benefices ... ... 11

Institutions Si'ile Vacrintc (A.D. 1394-5) 138

The Register of Commissions ... ... ... ... ... 139

The Register of Royal Letters and Writs ... ... 179

•' Homagia et Fidelitates " ... ... ... ... ... 208

Miscellaneous Entries ... ... ... ... ... ... 211

The "Registrum Commune (1st part, A.D. 1370—1385) ... 221

Corrigenda et Addenda ... ... ... ... ... ... 573


The Register of Bishop Thomas do Brantvngham is comprised in two folio Volumes, written on vellum. A few of the leaves, in both Volumes, have been injured by damp ; but. happily, it has been found possible to read, or supply with certainty, every damaged word.1 In other respects both Volumes are in an excellent state of preservation throughout.

Volume I contains- the continuation from Volume TT of the '•Registrum Commune," which, except for the theft of a single folio, is complete from the 5th of March, 1369-70, the date of the Bull of Pope Urban the Fifth, to the 16th of May, 1392, rather more than two years and a half before the Bishop's death. The last Entry, a lona one, beginning on folio 231 and occupying the whole of folio 231b, has been mutilated, through the loss of the succeeding folios, and its date lias consequently perished. This Volume con- sists now, therefore, of 231 folios, nominally, but, really, of 230, folio 69 having been cut out. The writing of the earlier folios (1 48), though quite legible, is extremely poor and irregular, the work of several unskilful hands ; the remainder of the Volume is, with few exceptions, beautifully written.

1 The heading's of the Entries are, with very few exeeptions, written on the margins, and only portions of such headings have been damaged by damp. Words which have perished, or of which only very slight traces remain, have been easily restored after comparison with the text of the Entries. The numbers of the folios were entered at the top of each page, at the extreme right-hand corner, and of these a great many have been quite destroyed, render- ing reference to th'e contents of the Register difficult. Attempts have been made to meet this difficulty, after a fashion, by at least two careless scribes, who, in many places have entered the missing figures, in ink, quite inaccurately, here and there correcting' one another's work, but often not correctly ; thus causing great confusion. ] have entered the true figures throughout, in jienril. wherever necessary ; and I need scarcely say that all the references in my Books are to my own pencilled figures. It would be well. I think, that the folios should be properly renumbered in ink, and the misleading figures can- celled, by competent authority.

'-' The Seventeenth Century landers have labelled as "Vol. 11" what is, really, Vol. I. See page 3 for the General Title,


Volume II consists, nominally, of 279 folios, but, really, of only 267, no fewer than 12 folios having fallen victims to depredators ; viz., seven (folios 29, 35, 104, 111, 11", 117, 118) from the Register of Institutions,1 and five (folios 1, 2, 3, X, 9), from the nine folios, containing miscellaneous Entries, which have been bound in at the beginning of " The Register of Commissions," and included with it in its own separate numeration. This Volume contains

(1.) The first part of the " Registrum Commune,'' A.D. 1309-70: folios 1— 6.2

(2.) The Register of Institutions, Collations, and Inductions, A.D. 1370—1394; folios 7 154.3

(3.) Miscellaneous Entries of various dates ; folios (under a separate numeration) 1-— 9, of which only folios 4 7 remain. The first of these Documents (now. alas, a mere fragment) a beautifully wiitten copy of the Bishop's Ordinance for the Dedication of the Chape] and Cemetery of St. Saviour's, Dartmouth, in 1372. Happily, this Document, which is of great interest, has been preserved, in full, in the Register itself.1 The other Entries, also, belong to the " Registrum Commune,'" and will be found therein under their proper dates, with marginal refe- rences to those stray folios/'

(4.) The Register of Commissions, A.D. 1370—13*7-*; folios (numbered in continuation from those of the above group) 10— 55.i;

(5.) The Register of Royal Letters and Writs, A.D. 1370 13X3 ; folios (under another separate numeration) 1—22."

1 See note, as to the consequences of their loss, on page 138

I PP- 3— 10- s PP- U 137. " ' i pp. US.1-2H8

- On the top of folio 4 is written, in a later but not. very recent hand—

"Desunt hie quedam Folia," and on the top of folio 10- "' Desunt hie duo

Folia," shewing that these folios were, in all probabilitv, abstracted before the

several quaterni were bound into a Volume. In the other cases the mis


leaves must have been removed after the binding, the clean-cut wtumns re- maining to tell the tale. ' ' 6 pp. 139-178. 7 pp_ 17!).._o07i


(6.) A Register of " Homagia et Fidelitates," A.D. 1370—80; folios 13 and 14 of the numeration of No. 5, in which they were absurdly included by the careless binders.1

(7.) Certain miscellaneous Mruioranda, written on portions of the two fly-leaves at the end of the Register of Com. missions.2

(8.) An interesting Collection of Old Accounts (the originals, with traces of the seals), bound in at the end of the same Register/'

(9.) The Register of Ordinations, A.D. 1370—1392 ; folios (in continuation from those of No. 5) 23 67 Several blank pages and spaces have been utilized, as usual, for the insertion of Miscellaneous Documents of various dates, in no wise connected with their surroundings : these have been transferred to their proper places in the " Registrum Commune," or will he found in the Appendix, at the end of Part II.

The Seals of Bishop Grandisson and Bishop Brantyngham are represented on the Frontispiece, from photographs kindly con- tributed by the Rev. AVilliam Iago, of Bodmin.4

F C. H.-R.

Ringmore Rectory,

]6th November, 1901.

1 pp. 208 10. Folio 14b, having been left blank, was subsequently utilized for the insertion of three Letters, which I have transferred to the " Registrum Commune," under their proper dates, with marginal references to this place.

3 pp. 214—219. 3 pp. 211—213.

4 See the Appendix (at the end of Part II) for some account of these interesting Seals,



tm. Eecftsttum Umerabilis patris, JBomini STfjome be m!iil Brantpgftam, GFptscopi dHxotttmsts, qui coitgecratus fiiit tit Capella Jlanerii tie Stcbenfjetfje, 1Lontiottt= ertsig ©tocests, per Ecberentmm in Cfjristo $atrem, ©ominum ^imonem, ILontioniensem (^piscopum, ©ie ©ominica, bitielicet xij fcite mensis JEaii, k\mo JBomini jaillesimo GTW"0 lxxm0, auctoritate Me- rarum Spostolicarum gubscriptarum ; assistentibus eioem Hefoerenbig patribus, ©ominis ffialfrtoo, &rci)iepigcopo JBamascerto, et Soijamte, <£piscopo ^gobanensu1

Bulla \Urbani Pape Quinti~\,

Urbanus Episcopus, [Servus] servorum Dei, dilecto filio, Thome, Electo Exoniensi, salutem et Apostolicam bene- diccionem. Cum nos nuper Exoniensi Ecclesie, Pastoris regimine destitute, de persona tua, nobis et Confratribus nostris ob tuorum exigenciam meritorum accepta, de Eratrum eorundem consilio, Auctoritate Apostolica duxerimus pro- videndum, preficiendo te illi in Episcopum et Pastorem, prout in nostris inde confectis Literis plenius continetur ; nos, ad ea que ad tue commoditatis augmentum cedere valeant favorabiliter intendentes, tuis supplicacionibus inclinati, tibi ut a quocumque malueris Catholico Antistite, graciam et communionem Apostolice Sedis habente, ascitis et in hoc sibi assistentibus duobus vel tribus Catholicis Episcopis, similem graciam et communionem habentibus, munus Consecracionis

1 It is, apparently, impossible .to iden- tify this See in partibus. Dr. Oliver (Lives of the Bishops of Exeter, p. 90), boldly ventures on " John, Bishop of Bayonne" an unaccountable blunder. Bishop Stubbs failed to identify the See (and the Diocese of " Ayobana " is not mentioned, or any name at all like it, in any of the Books of Refer- ence) ; but in the last Edition (1897) of his Registrum Aiu/Ucanum he gives


some interesting particulars as to the man himself. It appears that John served as a Suffragan -Bishop within the Province of Canterbury from 1366. His Will (in which he is called "Ayeb.") is dated 14 March, 1380-1. He was then dwelling in the Hermi- tage at Cripplegate, and he desired to be buried in the Conventual Church of Stratford {Essex). The Will was proved 18 March, 1381-2.


A.D- recipere valeas ; ac eidem Antistiti, ut munus predictum Vol. ii. Auctoritate nostra impendere libere tibi possit, plenam et liberam concedimus tenore Presencium facultatem. Yolumus, autem, quod idem Antistes qui tibi prefatum munus im- pendet, postquam illud tibi impenderit, a te, nostro et Romane Ecclesie nomine, Fidel itatis debite solitum recipiat juramentum, juxta formam quam sub Bulla nostra mittimus interclusam ; ac formam juramenti quod te prestare contigerit nobis, de verbo ad verbum, per tuas patentes Literas, tuo sigillo signatas, per proprium nuncium quantocius destinare procuret ; quodque per hoc Venerabili Fratri nostro, Cantu- ariensi Archiepiscopo, cui prefata Ecclesia Metropolitico jure subesse dinoscitur, nullum imposterum prejudicium genere- tur. Data Rome, apud Sanctum Petrum, iiij Nonas Marcii, Pontificatus nostri Anno octavo [5 March, 1369-70].

Memorandum quod xvj die mensis Maii, Anno Domini Millesimo CCCmo lxxmo, apud Westmonasterium, Venerabilis Pater, Dominus Thomas, Episcopus Exoniensis predictus, primo habuit temporalia sua a Domino nostro Rege.

mn -^em, memorandum quod dictus Venerabilis Pater, die Lune proxima post Festum Sancti Jacobi Apostoli, videlicet xxviij0 die mensis Julii, Anno Domini Millesimo CCCmo septuagesi- mo primo, Indiccione nona, Pontificatus Domini Gregorii Pape Undecimi Anno Primo, presentibus Magistro W Byde, Canonico Saresbiriensi, ac Hugone Hiclynge, Canonico in Ecclesia Sancti Thome Martiris Glasneye, in Capella de Chuddeleghe, primo decrevit Visitacionem suam fore faci- endam ; prout ex altera parte istius folii plenius annotatur.


foi.ib. Decretum Visitacionis,

In Dei Nomine, Amen. Nos, Thomas, miseracione Divina Exoniensis Episcopus, certis ex causis et legitimis nos et conscienciam nostram in hac parte moventibus, Ecclesiam nostram Cathedralem, Decanum et Capitulum, singulosque Canonicos, Yicarios, et Ministros ejusdem Ecclesie nostre, in Domo Capitulari ibidem, ac Archidiaconos nostros, omnes et singulos, eorumque Officiales, ac omnia Beneficia Ecclesiastica nobis subjecta, Clerum et populum nostrarum Civitatis et Diocesis, isto die Lune proximo post Festum Sancti Jacoby, Apostoli, Anno Domini Millesimo CCO° septuagesimo primo, m hus Scrrptis decernimus per nos, vel nostros Commissarios, tore actuahter visitandos.

Pro decima triennali, iw£" Thomas, etc., Religioso viro, Priori Prioratus de Launcestone i.] nostre Diocesis, salutem, graciam, et benediccionem.— Cum


vvm'\ Prelati et Clerus Regni Anglie decimam triennalem Domino Vol. ii. nostro Regi, tam pro solucione et defensione Regni predicti quam pro expedicione guerre ipsius Domini nostri Regis contra adversaries suos Francie, nuper concesserint, prout scitis, et de hujusmodi concessione una tan turn decima fuerit persoluta; ad exigendum, colligendum, et recipiendum de- cimam biennalem hujusmodi, Domino nostro Regi debitam et solvendam a Viris Religiosis, exemptis et non exemptis, et aliis personis Ecclesiasticis quibuscumque, eciam nostre Juris- diccionis Peculiaris, necnon a Capitulo Ecclesie nostre Exoni- ensis aliisque Ecclesiis, Collegiatis et non Collegiatis, de bonis et Beneficiis suis in Archidiaconatu Cornubiensi, nostre Dio- cesis predicte, constitutis, vos Collectorem et Receptorem tenore Presencium deputamus. Mandantes quatinus de eisdem Beneficiis prout alias ad decimam sunt taxata medietatem unius decime, citra Festum Nativitatis Sancti Johannis Baptiste proximo futurum, ab eisdem et eorum singulis exigatis, levetis, et recipiatis, ad opus ejusdem Domini nostri Regis ; ipsamque medietatem per vos receptam post lapsum termini prefati, vestris periculo et expensis, Thesaurario et Baronibus de (Scaccario Domini nostri Regis supradicti, abs- que more diffugio, persolvatis, prout contemptum memorati Domini nostri Regis in omnem eventum pro nobis et vobis, si de necligencia irretiti fueritis, quod absit, caucius volueritis evitare ; facientes solventibus singulis, ut est moris, acquiet- ancias de soluto. Ad que omnia et singula facienda, vobis, de cujus circumspeccione, fidelitate, et industria plenam in Domino fiduciam obtinemus, committimus vices nostras, cum cujuslibet cohercionis Canonice potestate. Datum Londoniis, iij° die, Februarii, Anno Domini Millesimo CCCmo lxx", et Consecracionis nostre primo.

Item, eodem die, et ibidem, consimile Mandatum emanavit Abbati Tavystochie pro Devonia, ut continetur in quaterno communium Literarum.

137? Acquietancia super solucione ixc ac iiijxx florenos Camere

2j. Apostolice, etc.,

Universis presentes Literas inspecturis Arnaldus, miseracione Divina Archiepiscopus Auxitanensis, Domini nostri Pape Camerarius, salutem in Domino. Ad Universitatis vestre noticiam tenore Presencium deducimus quod Reverendus in Christo Pater, Dominus Thomas, Episcopus Exoniensis, pro totali suo communi servicio in quo erat Camere Domini nostri Pape obligatus, ixc florenos auri(*i«)prefato Camere pro eisdem famulatu et officio, recipientibusque per manus Domini Thome de Southam, Archidiaconi Oxonie in Ecclesia Lincolniensi, die date Presencium solvi fecit ; de quibus sic solutis ipsum



[A.d. Dominum Episcopum et ejus Ecclesiam, Successores suos et 2]. eorum bona tenore Presencium absolvimus et quitamus. In

Vol. II. qUOrum testimonium presentes Literas fieri fecimus et sigilli nostri Camerariatus appensione muniri. Data Avinione die ultima mensis Januarii, Anno a Nativitate Domini Millesimo CCCmo lxxj0, Indiccione ixa, Pontificatus Sanctissimi in Christo Patris et Domini nostri, Domini Gregorii, Divina Providencia Pape XImi, Anno primo.

foi. 2. Clero Civitatis et Diocesis Exoniensium, 1369- TJrbanus Episcopus, Servus servorum Dei, dilectis filiis, Clero Civitatis et Diocesis Exoniensium, salutem, et [Apostolicam] benediccionem. Romani Pontificis, quern Pastor ille Celestis et Episcopus animarum, potestatis sibi plenitudine [tradita], Ecclesiis pretulit universis, plene vigiliis solicitudo requirit ut ipse circa cujuslibet statum Ecclesie sic vigilanter excogitet, sicque prospiciat diligenter, ut per ejus providenciam circum- spectam Ecclesiis singulis Pastor accedat ydoneus et Rector providus deputetur, per quern Ecclesie ipse, superni favoris auxilio suffragante, votive prosperitatis successibus gratu- lentur. Dudum siquidem, bone memorie Johanne, Episcopo Exoniensi, regimini Exoniensis Ecclesie presidente, nos, cupientes eidem Ecclesie, cum earn vacare contingeret, per Apostolice Sedis providenciam utilem et ydoneam preesse personam, Provisionem ipsius Ecclesie disposicioni et ordina- cioni nostre, ea vice, duximus specialiter reservandam ; de- cernentes extunc irritum et inane si secus super hiis per quoscumque, quavis auctoritate, scienter vel ignoranter, con- tingeret attemptari. Postmodum, vero, dicta Ecclesia per ejusdem Johannis Episcopi obi turn, qui extra Romanam Curiam diem clausit extremum, Pastoris solacio destituta, dilecti filii Capitulum ejusdem Ecclesie, hujusmodi Reserva- cionis et Decreti, ut asseritur, [forsan] ignari, dilectum filium, Thomam, Electum Exoniensem, tunc Canonicum ipsius Ecclesie Exoniensis, in presbiteratus Ordine constitutum, in Exoniensem Episcopatum concorditer elegerunt ; ipseque, Reservacionis et Decreti predictorum similiter inscius, Elec- cioni hujusmodi illius, sibi presentato Decreto licet de facto consensit, et deinde, hujusmodi Reservacione et Decreto ad ipsius Thome Electi deductis noticiam, hujusmodi Eleccionis negocium proponi fecit in Consistorio coram nobis Nos, lgitur, attendentes Eleccionem predictam utpote post et contra Reservacionem et Decretum predicta attemptatam tuisse, earn, prout erat, reputavimus irritam et inanem, et ad Provisionem ejusdem Ecclesie celerem et felicem, de qua nullus preter nos, ea vice, se intromittere potuerat neque poterat, Reservacione et Decreto obsistentibus supradictis,


nm' ne Ecclesia ipsa longe vacacionis subjaceret incommodis, 70]. paternis et solicitis studiis intendentes, post deliberacionem \oi. ii. qUam (\e preficiendo eidem Eccle.sie personam utilem ac eciam fructuosam habuimus cum Fratribus nostris diligentem, demum ad prefafcum Thornam Electum, de literarum sciencia, vite ac morum honestate, spiritualium providencia et tempor- alium circumspeccione, et aliis virtutum meritis, prout fide- dignorum testimonio accepimus, insignitum, direximus oculos nostre mentis. Quibus omnibus, necnon dictorum Capituli ipsam Thomam eligencium concordi voluntate, attenta medita- cione pensatis, de persona predicti Thome prefate Ecclesie, de dictorum Fratrum consilio, Auctoritate Apostolica providi- mus, ipsumque Thomam illi prefecimus in Episcopum et Pastorem, curam et administracionem ipsius Ecclesie eidem Thome Electo in spiritualibus et temporalibus plenarie com- mittendo ; firma spe fiduciaque conceptis quod prefata Ecclesia, Gracia sibi assistente Divina, per ipsius Thome Electi circumspeccionis industriam et providenciam circum- spectam salubria suscipiet incrementa. Quocirca discrecioni vestre per Apostolica Scripta mandamus quatinus, eundem Thomam Electum tanquam Patrem et Pastorem animarum vestrarum grato admittentes honore, ac exhibentes sibi obedi- enciam et reverenciam debitam et devotam, ejus salubria monita suscipiatis humiliter et efficaciter adimplere curetis. Alioquin Sentenciam quam idem Thomas Electus rite tulerit in rebelles ratam habebimus, et faciemus, auctore Domino, usque ad satisfaccionem condignam inviolabiliter observari. Data Rome, apud Sanctum Petrum, iiij Nonas Marcii, Ponti- ficatus nostri Anno octavo [5 March, 1369-70].

foi.2b. Populo Civitatis et Diocesis Exoniensium,

[This Bull, of the same date as the preceding, corresponds with it through- out, mutatis mutandis].

fol. 3. Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi pro liberacione spiritualium, Urbanus Episcopus, Servus servorum Dei, Venerabili Fratri, Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi, salutem et Apostolicam benedic- cionem. Ad cumulum tue cedit salutis et fame si personas Ecclesiasticas, presertim Pontificali Dignitate preditas, Divine propiciacionis oportuni presidii et favoris gracia prosequaris. Dudum siquidem suscipiet incrementa (ut supra).

Cum, igitur, ut idem Thomas Electus in commissa predicte Ecclesie Exoniensis subcura facilius proficere valeat, tuus favor ei fore noscatur plurimum oportunus, Fraternitatem tuam rogamus et [h]ortamur attente, per Apostolica tibi Scripta mandantes quatinus, predictos Thomam Electum et commissam sibi Ecclesiam Suffraganeam tuam habens, pro nostra et dicte Sedis reverencia, propensius commendatos, in


nm- ampliandis et conservandis juribus suis sic eos tui favoris 70]. presidio prosequaris quod ipse Thomas Electus, tuo fultus Vol. II. auxiii0) in commisso sibi Ecclesie prefate regimine se possit

utilius excercere, tuque Divinam misericordiam valeas exinde

uberius promereri. (Same date).

foi. 3b. Domino Begi pro liberacione temporalium,

Urbanus Episcopus, Servus servorum Dei, carissimo in Christo filio, Edwardo, Regi Anglie illustri, salutem et Apostolicam benediccionem. Gracie Divine premium et preconium humane laudis acquiritur, si per seculares Principes Ecclesiarum Pre- latis, presertim Ecclesiarum Cathedralium regimini presidenti- bus, oportuni favoris presidium et honor debitus impendatur. Dudum siquidem suscipiet incrementa (ut supra).

Cum, itaque, fili carissime, sit virtutis opus Dei Ministros, et presertim dignitate Pontificali preditos, favore prosequi, ac eos verbis et operibus pro Eterni Regis gloria venerari, Serenitatem tuam rogamus et hortamur attente quatinus, eundem Thomam Electum et prefatam Ecclesiam Exoniensem sue cure commissam habens, pro Divina et Apostolice Sedis et nostra reverencia propensius commendatos, sic ipsos benigni favoris auxilio prosequeris quod idem Thomas Electus, tue Celsitudinis fultus presidio, in commisso sibi cure Pastoralis officio possit, Deo propicio, prosperari, ac tibi exinde a Deo plenius vite premium et a nobis condigna proveniat accio graciarum. (Same date).

foi. 4. [Here follows a duplicate copy of the first Bull, margin; " alibi scribitur in folio primo."]

Capitulo Ecclesie E.mniensis,— Urbanus Episcopus, etc., Capitulo Ecclesie Exoniensis salutem et Apostoli- cam benediccionem. Romani Pontificis, etc. (as in the second Bull throughout). (Same date).

foi. ih. Vassallis Ecclesie Exoniensis,

[The same as the above throughout, mutatis mutandis].

foi. 5. Juramentum Episcopi Exoniensis,

Ego, Thomas, Episcopus Exoniensis, ab hac hora itiantea fidelis et obediens ero Beato Petro Sancteque Apostolice Itomane Ecclesie, ac Domino meo, Domino Urbano Pape V, suisque Successoribus Canonice intrantibus. Non ero in consilio, consensu, vel facto ut vitam perdant aut membrum, seu capiautur mala capcione. Consilium, vero, quod michi tradituri sunt, per se aut Nuncium vel per Literas, ad eorum dampuum, me sciente^ nemini pandam. Papaturn Romanum et Regalia Sancti Petri adjutor. eis ero ad retinendum et defendendum, salvo meo Oidine, contra omnem hominem. Legatum Apostolice Sedis in eundo et redeundo honorifice tractabo, et in suis necessitatibus adjuvabo. Vocatus ad Sinodum veniam, nisi prepeditus fuero Canonica prepedicione. Apostoloium Limina singulis Trienniis visitabo, aut per me aut per nuncium nisi


[A.D. Apostolica absolvar Licencia. Possessiones, vero, ad mensam meam

}^'°" Episcopalem pertiuentes noil vendam, neque donabo, neque inpignorabo,

Vol II neque de novo infeudabo, vel alio modo alienabo, inconsulto Romano

Pontifice. Sic me Deus adjuvet et hec Sancta Dei Evangelia ! l

foi. g. Admissio Fratrum, juxta Privilegium Super Cathedram,

[1370- viij die mensis Marcii, Anno Domini Millesimo CCCmo lxxmo.

*•' t Johaunes Hundy \ Ordiuis Minorum, presentati, per Dominum

ra res -y j0jiaunes a^ Syrtone / sunt admissi. Frater Johannes Laurencii, Ordinis Predicatorum, presentatus Domino juxta Privilegium predictum loco Fratris Thome Peukors, defuncti, xiiij Kalen- das Aprilis [19 March], Anno predicto, per Dominum est admissus.

[1371.] Item, xiiij die Septembris, Anno Domini M°. CCCmo lxxjm0, Fiater Thomas de Turyna, Ordinis Predicatorum, admissus fuit per Dominum, apud Exoniam, ad Confessiones audiendas, etc., juxta formam Constitucionis supradicte presentatus.

[1372.] Citacio Decanatus in Visitacione (mutilated),

Thomas, etc., Decano de Toritone, ac singulis Curatis ejnsdem Decanatus, salutem, etc. Vobis conjunctim et divisim committimus et mandamus quatinus citetis, seu citari faciatis, peremptorie, omnes et singulas Per- sonas quarum Personarum et Beneficiorum nomina in Cedula hiis annexa continentur, quod compareant coram nobis, vel nostris in hac parte Com- missariis, uno vel pluribus, deputatis seu deputandis quibuscumque, in Ecclesia Parochiali de Toritone Magna, die Mercurii proxima post Festum Exaltacionis Sancte Crucis proximo futurum [15 Sept.], super certis artieulis animarum suarum correccionem tangentibus, in Visitacione nostra in dicto Archidiaconatu exercita compertis, detectis, et delatis, quateuus easdem Personas concernit divisim, responsuri, et super eisdem, si oporteat, personaliter juraturi, ulteriusque facturi et recepturi quod ad meram animarum suarum correccionem dinoscitur pertinere, et quod Canonicis convenit Institutis. Terminum, autem, peremptorium et personalem vocacionem, propter locorum vicinitatem et grave periculum animarum, ac celerem reformacionem spiritualem quam facere speramus, sic duximus abbreviandum et eciam assignandum. Et quid feceritis in premissis nos, aut dictos Commissarios nostros, ad prefatos diem et locum, debite certificetis. Presencium et dicte cedule cum tenore, sigillo autentico consignato ; eandem Cedulam nobis per omnia remittentes. Data in Manerio nostro de Clyste, vjt0 die mensis Augusti, Anno Domini Millesimo CCCmo lxxijdo, et Consecracionis nostre tercio.

foi 6b. Collacio Thome Swaby ad Prehendam in Ecclesia Exoni-

1370! ensi,

Thomas, etc., dilecto in Christo filio, Thome de Swaby, clerico, etc. Cum Excellentissimus in Christo Princeps et Dominus noster, Dominus Ed- wardus, Dei gracia Rex Anglie et Francie illustris ac Dominus Hibernie, Cauonicatnm Ecclesie nostre Exoniensis et Prebendam quos nuper Magister Adam Myrimouth, dum vixit, obtinuit in eadem, vacantes, racione temporalium Episcopatus predicti nuper vacantia in suis manibus existencium, tibi contulerit, cum suis juribus et pertinenciis universis, prout in Literis Kegiis inde confectis plenius continetur ; te ad Canoni- catum et Prebendam predictos admittimus, et per birreti nostri tradi-

1 Foi. contains a Letter written by Stapeldohs Will. I have printed it

Bishop Graudisson in 1328, contain- in Bishop Orandisson's Register, p.

ing a long extract from Bishop 1557.


A..D- cionem te investimus de eisdem ; salvia Episcopalibus Juribus et

Vol.11. Consnetudinibus, ac Ecclesie nostre Exoniensis predicte in omnibus

dignitate. In cujus rei testimonium sigillum nostrum fecimus hiis

apponi. Datum in Hospicio nostro Londoniensi xxj° die Maii, Anno

M°. CCCmo lxxm°, et nostre Consecraoionis primo.

Induccio ejusdem, Thomas, etc , dilecto in Christo filio, Decano nostre Exoniensis Ecclesie, aut ejus locum tenenti, etc. Cum nos dilectum filium, Thomatn de Swaby, clericum, ad Canonicatum Ecclesie nostre Exoniensis et Prebendam quos nuper Magister Adam Myrimouthe, durn vixit, obtinuit in eadem, et quos, quidem, vacantes, Dominus noster Rex, etc. . . {ut supra) plenius continetur, admiserimus et investierimus Canonice de eisdem, prout in consimilibus hactenus fieri est consuetum ; vobis committimus et manda- mus quatinus eundem Thomam in vestrum et Ecclesie nostre predicte recipientes Canonicum et Confratrem, ipsum, vel Procuratorem suum pro eo, in corporalem possessionem Canonicatus et Prebende predictorum, auctoritate nostra, per vos vel alium vel alios inducatis et defendatis inductum ; Stallum in Choro et Locum in Capitulo Ecclesie nostre pre- dicte dicte Prebende debitos more solito assignantes eidem ; con tradio tores, si qui fuerint in ea parte, Canonice compescendo ; juramentum de obser- vando ejusdem Ecclesie Statuta et Consuetudines approbatas recipiendo ab eodem vel Procuratore suo, prout ejusdem Ecclesie exigunt Consuetu- dines et Statuta Et quid feceritis in premissis, nos, cum per partem predicti Thome fueritis congrue requisiti, Literis vestris patentibus et nunc tenorem habentibus reddatis debite cerciores et clare. Data ut supra.

Collacio Roberti Crulle ad Prebendam Exoniensem, Thomas, etc., dilecto in Christo filio, Roberto Crulle, clerico, etc. Cum Excellentissimus {etc., ut supra) Canonicatum Ecclesie nostre Exoniensis et Prebendam quos nuper obtinuimus in eadem, vacantes, racione tem- poralium Episcopatus predicti nuper vacantis in suis manibus existencium, tibi contulerit, cum suis juribus et pertiuenciis universis, prout in Literis Regiis inde confectis plenius continetur ; te ad Canonicatum, etc. {ut supra). Data in Hospicio nostro Londoniensi, xxvj die Maii, Anno Domini M°. CCCmo lxxmo, et nostre Consecracionis primo. Et mandatum fuit, eodem die, Decano Ecclesie Exoniensis, vel ejus locum tenenti, pro Induccione dicti Roberti in forma consueta.


(Jjuatmius Jnetitutiomim, (Eollacimuutt, et Jnbiimoimm ab JUno fomtui JUiUesimo (EC©™ lxxmo.

ad- Bodmin [Bathminia,1 MS.], V

Vol. On the death of

II- Sir John Trescaw,

fo1- *• John Tyrelle, a poor clerk, was collated (in London), 21 May, 1370, " Auc- toritate Apostolica" ; the Patrons being the Prior and Convent of Bodmin. " Si cum cura, xx** ; si, vero, sine cnra, xv marcarum sterlingorum, valorem annuum non excedat, prout in Literis Apostolicis . . con- tinetur." Mandate for Induction directed to Sir John Schachard, R. of Marhamchurch, and Edward Elyere, clerk.

Marhamchurch [Morwynchurche, MS.], B.

[On the death of

Master Adam Myrimouthe, junior],

Sir John Schachard, priest, was inst. (in Loudon), 21 May ; Patron, Richard Polglos, son and heir of William Polglose (sic), deceased. Mandate for Induction directed to the Archdeacon of Cornwall. [This will not be repeated : it will be understood that such Mandates were always directed to the Archdeacons unless otherwise stated.]

foi.7b.2ENNOR [Sancte Senare, MS.], V

Sir Richard Trembruthe, chaplain, was inst. (in London), 1 June ; Patron, K. Edward III, the vacancy having occurred i'ede vacante.

St. Probus, the Collegiate Church of ; Prebends,

On the death of

Henry Bouet,

Thomas Durle, clerk, was admitted (in London), 1 June ; Patron, K.

Edward III, ut supra. Mandate for Induction directed to the Bishop's

Official -Peculiar in Cornwall.

Sidbury [Sydebury, MS.], V

On the death of

Sir Henry Brigge,

Sir Thomas Raulyn, a poor priest, was collated (in London), 7 June, " Auc- toritate Apostolica " ; the Patrons being the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, " in forma communi, videlicet de taxa xx marcharum cum cura, et xv sine cura." Mandate for Induction directed to Sir Andrew [atte More], Warden of the Collegiate Church of Ottery-St. Mary, and Sir Henry [de Oustone], V. of Sidmouth.

Stoke-Climsland [Stoke, MS.], B.

Sir William de Nortone, chaplain, was inst. (in London), 3 July, in the person of Robert Taphote, clerk, his Proctor ; Patron, Edward, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall.

1 A curious clerical error for "Bodminia."


A.o- Plymouth [Suttone, MS.], V

}$!?■ —Prohibicio ne quis admittatur ad Vicariam de Suttone,— II Rv the King " vacat, et ad nostram spectat Douacionem ; et unde con- ' tencio mota est in Curia nostra inter nos et Priorem Ecclesie vestre de

Plvmntone donee discussum fuerit in eadem Curia utrum ad nos aut ad predictum Priorem pertiueat ejusdem Vicarie Advocacio. Teste mexpso apud Odyam, xvij die Julii, Anno Regni nostri Anglie xhnj ; Regm, vero, nostri Francie xxx."

w-8- Glasney, the Collegiate Church of; Prebends,—

On the death of

JoTn Sfe clerk, was admitted (at Salisbury), 3 Aug on the Collation of the King, Sedenuper *,c«nte.-Mandate for Induction directed to the Provost of Glasney or his locum tenens.

Bosham, the Collegiate Church of ; Prebends

In succession to

fichlliVyZharn, clerk, was collated (at Chidham), 11 Sept.-Mandate for Induction directed to the Sacristan. Exeter St. James's Priory ; Collacio Prioratus ,—

Brother John Bevyle, Monk of Montacute Priory, was collated by lapse (in London), 12 Oct.1

Bosham, the Collegiate Church of ; Prebends,—

In succession to

Nicholas de Wykeham, « . ,

Thomas Coke, clerk, was collated (in London) to the Prebend of Appel- 'dorham" 17 Oct.— Mandate for Induction directed to the baenstau.

St. Anthony-in-MENEAGE [Vicaria Sancti Antonn de Sancto Antonio (sic), MS.], V o

Sir Reginald Trenans, priest, was inst. (in London), 15 Oct.- ; Patron, tne King, " racione Prioratus de Ty wardrythe in manu sua, occasione guerre inter eum et adversaries suos Francie, existentis."

Ashwater [Essewater, MS.], R.

Master Thomas Vary was inst. 29 Oct., in the person of John Schepeswascne, clerk, his Proctor. The place of Institution and the Patron's name are omitted.— Mandate for Induction directed to the Official of the Arch- deacon of Totnes.

foi.9. Exeter Castle ; Prebend of Garswell,

On the Resignation of

Sir JoA.ii Aleyn,

John Southdone, clerk, was inst. (in London), 1 Nov., in the person of Thomas Dennynge, his Proctor ; Patron, Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Earl of Devon.— Mandate for Induction directed to the Official- Peculiar in Devon.

Tywardreath Priory [Prioratus deTywardraythe,MS.],

On the death of

Brother William Bouges, Prior,

Brother William de la tlaye, one of the Monks of the Priory, " qui est Cella

Abbacie Sanctorum Sergii et Bactai," was inst. (in London), 1 Nov. ;

Patron, Edward, Prince of Wales, on nomination by the KiDg, in whose

hands were the temporalities in England of the said Abbey, " racione

guerre, etc."

1 iiij Idus Octobris. 2 Idus Octobris.


*3°- Exeter Cathedral ; Subdeans,—

Vol. Sir John Pesemer (who was appointed by the King, 13 Aug., 1369, Sede

II. vacante),1 exchanged Benefices with

fol. Sir Thomas Draper, R. of Taplow (Bucks). The former was inst. (in London)

9bl to Taplow by the Bishop of Exeter, 5 Nov., under a Commission from

fol- John [de Bokingham], Bishop of Lincoln (dated 28 Oct.); and the latter

10, was collated to the Office of Subdean and Penitentiary at the same time.

Chulmleigh, the Prebendal Church of ; Prebends,

Robert de Gerlethorpe exchanged his Prebend of " Maydenesprovendre" with Walter de Multone, Prebendary of VValtham in the Cathedral Church of Chichester, who was inst., 22 Nov., by William Rede, Bishop of Chichester, under a Commission from the Bishop of Exeter, dated London, 14 Nov. ; f°I- Patron, Sir Hugh Courtenaye, Earl of Devon. But—" Receptis per Domi-

num, apud Londonias, dictis Literis Certificatoriis, secundo die mensis Decembris, Anno Domini supradicto; supplicatoque eidem Domino Exoni- ensi per Robertum de Cerlethorpe predictum quod aliquem de suis mittere dignaretur ad prefatum Dominum Walterum de Multone, infirmum jacentem apud Ecclesiam Sancti Laurencii de Pountenaye Londoniarum, et in extremis languentem, pro Obediencia Domino debita ab eodem Waltero recipienda ; idem Dominus Exoniensis mandavit et precepit michi, Roberto de Suardeby, Registrario suo, dictum Dominum Walterum adire, et Obedienciam hujusmodi recipere ab eodem. Quam, quidem, Obedieuciam iiijt0 die Decembris predicti ab eo recepi, quamvis vix loqui tunc poterat. Mandatum fuit Archidiacono Barnastapolie, vel ejus Officiali predicto, pro ipsius Induccione, ut in forma."

St. Mewan [Sancti Mewany, MS.], E.

Henry Gwothel, clerk, was admitted to this Benefice by Commission, dated at Faringdon, 18 Dec.,3 and directed to the Official -Principal, or, in his absence, the Commissary-General ; Patron, William Talbot, " ac ad instituendum eum Rectorem in eadem, ac induci faciendum ; ut supra3 in Commissione pro Sekyndone."

|°'- Glasney, the Collegiate Church of ; Gollacio Cantarie,

The Bishop collated a clerk, whose name4 is not given, to this " Cantariam, seu porcionem Cantarie, de Ponte nuncupatam," by lapse, 16 Dec.,5 in the person of his Proctor, John Tremaen, Mandate for Induction directed to the Official-Peculiar in Cornwall.

^370-1 ^T- Austell ; Cantaria Capelle Sancti Michaelis in

Cimiterio Sancti Austoli,

On the Resignation of

Sir Laurence Boscofeleke, Warden, who had exchanged Benefices with

Sir John Stephyn, priest, V. of Lanlivery, the latter was instituted (in

London), 25 Jan., 1370-1 ; Patron, the King, the temporalities of Tyward-

reath Priory being in his hands, " racione guerre."

Lanlivery, V

On the Resignation of

Sir John Stephyn (see above),

Sir Laurence Boscofeleke, priest, was inst. (in London), 25 Jan. ; Patron, the

1 Rot. Pat. 43 Edw. Ill, p. 1, m. 26 (Le ' The entry here referred to has dis-

Neve). appeared.

2 x\,to Kalendas Januarii. 4 See fol. 20, infra.

5 xvij Kalendas Januarii.


f3°:T Trusham [Trisma, MS.], R-

Vol. Sir John Leynian, priest, was collated by lapse (in London), 26 Jan.

foi. St. Crantock, the Collegiate Church of ; Prebends,

J-"j- On the death of

\%< Master William Tynghille,

Master Hugh de Hickelynge, clerk, was collated (in London), 26 Jan.1 Man- date for Induction directed to the Dean of St. Crantock.

Inwardleigh [Inwardeleye, MS.], R.

Sir John Fermerye exchanged Benefices with

Sir William Cadyngtone, V. of Montacute {Somerset), who was inst. (in London), 31 Jan.2 ; Patron, hac vice, John Cary. Fermerye was inst. on the same day, by the Bishop of Exeter (commissioned by the Bishop of Bath and Wells), to Montacute, on the Presentation, it is stated, of the King, the Priory of Tywardreath being in his hands, "racione guerre," a clerical error for Montacute Priory.

Thurlestone [Thorlestone, MS.], R.

Sir John Whytehghe, priest, was inst. (in London), 3 Feb. ; Patron, John Ferers, of Churchetone [Churston- Ferrers]. Mandate for Induction di- rected to the Official of the Archdeacon of Totnes.

Meshaw [Meuschate, MS.], R.

John de Rokebwne, subdeacon, was inst. (in London), 11 Feb. ; Patron, Thomas de Affetone. Mandate for Induction directed to the Official of the Archdeacon of Barnstaple.

{f- Haccombe Archpresbytery

Sir Stephen Hendre, Archpriest, exchanged Benefices with Sir Robert Toly* V. of Collumpton, who was inst. (in London), 13 Feb. ; Patron, Sir John Lercedeakne, Knt.

Collumpton [Columptone, MS.], V

Sir Robert Toly exchanged Benefices with

Sir Stephen Hendre, Archpriest of Haccombe, who was inst. (in London), 13 Feb., in the person of Sir John Losquyt, R. of St. Kerian's, Exeter, his Proctor ; Patrons, the Prior and Convent of St. Nicholas, Exeter.— Mandate for both Inductions directed to the Official of the Archdeacon of Exeter.

Exeter Cathedral ; Prebends,

On the Resignation, in the person of Master Simon de Bredone, priest, of

the Diocese of Lincoln, his Proctor, of Master John Bryan, who had exchanged Prebends with Master Walter de Bauntone, Canon of Crediton, the latter was collated (in

London), 13 Feb., in the person of Sir John Seys, Canon of Exeter, his

Proctor.— Mandate for Induction directed to the Dean, or the President

of the Chapter.

I& Crediton, the Collegiate Church of : Prebends,—

On the Resignation of

Master Walter de Bauntone, Canon of Crediton and Prebendary of Pruste-

cumbe, who had exchanged Prebends with Master John Bryan, Canon of Exeter, the latter was collated (in London),


^j Exeter Cathedral ; Prebends,

Vol. Master Humphrey de Cherletone exchanged Prebends with II. John de Lutteleye, Prebendary of Netherhalle in the Collegiate Church of Ledbury, who was collated at Tiverton, 7 Feb., by William de Courtenay, Bishop of Hereford, under a Commission from the Bishop of Exeter, dated London, 26 Jan., in the person of Walter de Eseryke, his Proctor. Certifi- cate received (in London), 14 Feb.1— Mandate for Induction directed to the Dean, or the President of the Chapter.

foi. Diptford [Dupeforde, MS.], R.

Sir Robert Falewylle, priest, was inst. (in London), 24 March, in the person of Sir John Essex, his Proctor ; Patron, the King, " racione feodorum Militum et Advocacionum Ecclesiarum Domini Thome de Courtenaye, Militis, defuncti, qui de ipso tenuit in capite, ipsius Ecclesie hac vice Patronum."

[$Hc tmttatur &tmus ©omttii]

*•£• North Bovey [Northbovy, MS.], R.

On the death of

Sir Richard Milys,

John de Liehefelde, clerk, was inst. (in London), 26 March, 1371, in the person of Hugh de Cotyngham, clerk, his Proctor; Patron, the King, " racione medietatis temporalitatis Manerii de Northbovy existentis in manibus suis." Mandate for Induction directed to the Official of the Archdeacon of Totnes.

Little Petherick, alias St. Petrock-minor [Nansfenten, MS.], R.

Sir William de Rowedone exchanged Benefices with

Sir Simon. Oodefraye, of Daventry, R. of Tiffield (NorthanU), who was collated (in London), 27 March ; and the Bishop instituted Rowedone to Tiffield'- on the same day, under a Commission from the Bishop of Lincoln. Mandate for Induction directed to the Official- Peculiar in Cornwall.

{°^ Luffincott [Luffyngcote, MS.], R.

Sir John de Astone, priest, was inst. (in London), 28 March ; Patron, Robert de Luffyngcote.

Crediton, the Collegiate Church of ; Prebends,

Thomas de Swaby, in the person of Robert Beneryghe, his Proctor, exchanged Prebends with

Sir Thomas West, Prebendary of Stocfolde in Lichfield Cathedral, who was inst. (at Heywood), 27 March,3 by Robert [de Strettone], Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, under a Commission from the Bishop of Exeter, dated London, 18 March.4 Certificate received in London, 2 April, and Mandate for Induction directed to the Precentor on the same day.

fo1- u-Glasney, the Collegiate Church of ; Prebends,

On the Resignation of Master Thomas de Montacute,

Master Hugh de Hickelynge, clerk, was collated (at Horsley), 5 April. Mandate for Induction directed to the Provost.

1 xiij Kalendas Marcii. 3 vj Kalendas Aprilis.

1 On the Presentation of the Prior of 4 xv Kalendas Aprilis. the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.


£>•£• St. Gerrans [Sancti Gerendi, MS.], R.

John atte Hyl, of Blickling, exchanged Benefices with

Stephen Cavel, R. of Nutshalling {Hants), who was collated (in London), 21 April,1 and atte Hyl was inst. on the same day to Nutshalling by the Bishop of Exeter, under a Commission from William [de Wykeham], Bishop of Winchester, dated at South wark, 19 April. Mandate for Induction directed to the Official- Peculiar in Cornwall.

i&it mutatur ®ttnus Consecractonts.

fo1- Exeter Cathedral ; Archdeaconry of Totnes,

Sir William Steel exchanged Benefices with

Sir Hugh de Briddeham, K. of Suttou-Courtenay (Berks), who was collated

(at Horsley), 18 May. Mandate for Induction directed to the Dean.

Steel was instituted at the same time to " Sottone Courtenaye, Sares-

biriensis Diocesis,"2 under a Commission from Robert [Wyville], Bishop of

Salisbury ; Patron, the Earl of Devon.

Little Petherick, alias St. Petrock-minor [Sancti Petroci de Nansfenten, MS. J, R.

Sir Simon Oodefrey exchanged Benefices with

Geoffrey Pampesworihe, R, of St. Mary " de Stanynglane," London, who was collated (at Winchester), 12 June. Mandate for Induction to the Official- Peculiar in Cornwall. Godefrey was instituted on the same day to St. Mary's, Staining-lane, under a Commission from the Bishop of London ; Patrons, the Prioress and Convent of Clerkenwell.


Sir Robert de Clautone, priest, was inst. (at Winchester), 13 June ; Patrons, the Abbat and Convent of Tavistock.

!**• Roche, R.

Sir Hugh Fylberte exchanged Benefices with

Sir Robert de Suardeby, R. of East Mersea (Essex), who was inst. (at Win- chester), 15 June ; Patron, Sir John de Dyneham, Knt. Fylberte was inst. at the same time to East Mersea, under a Commission from the Bishop of London ; Patron, the King, " racione Prioratus de Pritwelle [Prittlewell— Essex], hac vice, Patronum."

^ Exeter Cathedral ; Prebends,

John de Lutteley exchanged Benefices, by his Proctor, Thomas de Kyrkeby, clerk, with

Sir Simon de Malstange, " Canonicus et Prebendarius Prebende que intitu- latur f| in Ecclesia Beate Marie juxta Castrum Leycestrie," who was inst. (at Dorchester, Diocese of Salisbury), 25 June. Lutteley was col- lated to the said Prebend at the same time, under a Commission from \\ llliam, Abbat of St. Mary " de pratis," Leicester, dated at the said Abbey, 30 May.— Mandate for his Induction directed to the Dean.

If Tiverton, the Prebendal Church of ; Prebends

On the death of John Martyn,

2 S i^K Mait" ; +w u . Sampford-Courtenay, which is in

It should be noted that m both Le Devonshire

Neve and Oliver this Parish is called


A.D. Sir William Smyth, chaplain, was presented by Sir Hugh deCourtenay, Earl

Vni ri °f Devon. The Bishop (at Newenham) issued a Commission, 29 June, for

Inquisition as to the vacancy, etc. ; the Commissaries (for whose names a

blank space was left) were to institute and induct if they were satisfied

with the result.

Ottery St. Mary, the Collegiate Church of; Prebends,

On the Resignation of

Master Thomas de Montacute,

Sir John Duraunte was collated (at Clyst), 29 June.

Chulmleigh, the Prebenclal Church of ; Prebends,